The River of Suchness

The mind wants to create ‘safety’ and ‘security’ by imagining itself to be an entity apart form the whole, from Nature, or reality. It is overwhelmed by the continual flux of this energy stream bringing forth myriad upon myriad of forms into creation. It imagines itself able to ‘observe’ this energy flow from the safe vantage point on the bank of the immense River of Suchness. “Let me just step out of all of this and take a good look and ‘figure it out’. I want to ‘get my bearings’ before I continue with this movement.” It is this activity of grasping for security that actually makes its world unsafe and insecure. Once it ‘gets’ that, this changes its movement.
“Stop thinking about it and start swimming with all of your senses awake, on high alert, alive, aware, sensitive, capable, fresh and new! Trust your innate ability to swim in any kind of water. The river IS carrying you. When you try to understand it, you create distance and step out of the flow. Stop inhibiting the free movement of this intelligent and alive energy by acting like an old tree stump bogged down by its past, washed into the stream by the last rain. Be alive, be the fish, be the water, be free.”
~ Nisargadatta

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