196 days and counting…

Earlier this year I installed an app called Insight Timer. I had been meditating on and off for several months prior to the install and wanted to start keeping track of the time I was spending on the cushion.
Today I looked at my statistics and saw that I’ve meditated for the past 196 consecutive days. A lot has changed in that time. My wife and I have moved away from State College, PA where we both had lived for the past 14 years. Also during that time I lost one job and found another that I am much happier with.
There have been some less drastic changes as well, changes that I believe are a direct result of making meditation a daily practice. I find myself being less reactive in situations that would have made me upset/angry/annoyed in the past. I’m able to be more present for the people in my life both at home and at work.
From everything I’ve read, it’s apparent that the road to awakening is a long, difficult one. Even having just started on this path, I can already see that it’s the right path for me, and I am determined to follow it wherever it might lead.