My new hobby…

I realized recently that I needed to find something that I enjoyed, but had nothing to do with computers. Don’t get me wrong, I love programming, but sometimes I just feel the need to turn off that part of my brain.

So, about two weeks ago, whilst cleaning up the ‘ol homestead, I cam across a watch that my sister had given me several years ago for Christmas. Said watch was not in good shape… it’s battery had given up the ghost a while back, the wristband was worn and near breaking, and the condition of the case was what you might expect from daily-wear from a much filthier man than myself.

Naturally, I documented the condition of said watch with a few pictures:

Detail of watch body.
Detail of watch body,

With a trip to a store that will remain unnamed, I procured a new 22mm band, the correct battery, and a cleaning agent.  The new band was nearly identical to the original, just a hair thinner at the watch-end.  The cleaner did wonders for the face/case (you can see just how dirty it was in the lower right corner of the top picture). Somewhat surprisingly, the reassembly went without a hitch.

Next up… adding a link or two to the wristband of a nice timepiece I gave my wife years ago, but as of now has remained in the box…



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