A relationship is a vehicle.. 

It will serve a different purpose for each person in the relationship.. 
And sometimes, that vehicle will take the 2 of you to different destinations.. 
You gotta be OK with this.. 
Especially since everybody can’t go where you are going.

Being with a broken heart

It’s been decided. A divorce is definitely in my future. I’ve been through breakups before, but this is different. I’ve known Amanda for 13 years and have been married for nine. For the majority of our marriage I couldn’t imagine living life without her. Now I face a period of solitude.

On of the three marks of existence is impermanence. Through this divorce, I see this mark writ large across my heart. Instead of pushing away the pain, loneliness and heart break, I am attempting to open to them as much as possible. Sometimes I will sit with a compassionate hand on my heart, while at other times I will simply allow these emotions to fill the space I make for them. Just being present with a broken heart is painful, but I feel that this pain is a healing force that will allow me to live a more full, loving life going forward.